Online Shop #VenkysOut is now selling merchandise VenkysOut themed products, perfect for the office, going away on holiday and more importantly spreading the word! Stock in store at the moment relates to the following Items:

  • T-Shirts (Made to Order) custom designed with your VenkysOut Theme and applicable Sizing! Examples used below can be ordered. RRP £17.50 Each.
  • VenkysOut Stickers, Please note due to popular sales all stocks are now replenished and any combination can be ordered by sending a note. RRP £5.00 per 40 Number.
  • VenkysOut Glazing and Car Stickers – Available for your house windows or rear view window of your car! RRP £7.00 Each.

To purchase stickers, please send £5 directly to the PayPal account – and leave your name and address as a reference – next thing you know, the stickers are in the post! All profits from the sales will go towards the fighting fund supporting various initiatives including research, fan initiatives proposed and voted on.


Tweet pictures of your stickers in different locations to and the best will be included on the website gallery. All funds raised by the fighting fund will be documented and a clear paper trial will be available at the WMC meetings, as well as available on request to the fighting fund email address:


Car bumper stick also ideal for home glazing. £7.00 Each.

Everyday durable stickers (Similar to the Love United Hate Glazer Branded Stickers) £5.00 – Select Any 40.

Cotton T-Shirts available in any size, any design. Seen a picture have your own design, we will print. £17.50




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