Blackburn Rovers Football Club Born in 1875 and Brought to the Brink in 2017 (THE FACTS)

  • Blackburn Rovers achieved its lowest gate in the clubs entire history a total of 2913 home fans turned up for a cup-tie against Crewe 23rd August 2016.

Fans have finally had enough!

  • Upon Venky’s acquisition of the club, Blackburn and Ewood earned a commercial revenue of 8.9 million. Today this stands at just over 3.5 million with over 59% of the club’s previous sponsors deserting the club, some whom have been generational and important locally based companies as well as major worldwide brands.

Commercial vandalism possibly? Damaging decade aged local links for sure!

  • Over 40 million pounds received in players sales in the last 3 years with only 250k spent.

Where is the money?

  • Owen Coyle – “I’ve never heard of SEM”? “The group of fans have their own agenda”

Represented by Dave Sheron who holds shareholdings in the same company with Ex-SEM owner Jerome Anderson, Owen coyle was reacting to supporters who travelled to Barnsley to watch a dire defeat at Christmas singing “Coyle Out”. Owen Coyle has only won 7 league games all season in 31 attempts.

  • Prior to the Venkys takeover; the average home attendance was 25,428, the population of Blackburn is 105,085 (Equates to 24%). Blackburn recently reported prior to Christmas 2016 a home crowd of 9185 in a league game with the average incorporating both home and away fans in 16-17 being 14.1K.

Almost 11,500 have walked away under the ownership of Venkys, with masses joining protest marches and continuing to publically confirm that they are indeed boycotting.

  • Only league club in England who serves with one UK director (Mike Cheston). Recently promoted to Managing Director from a Finance position, no one involved at executive board level with football knowledge.

Would you run a multi-million pound business this way?

  • Blackburn Rovers acquired in November 2011 by Venkys for 23 million plus 21 million of debt in which the club owed (15th Lowest In the PL) now stands at 104 million in debt with 124 million pounds worth of shares now in circulation and heading for further debt, (Biggest debt in the Championship, 2017).

Where has the money gone?  (Circa 250 million in income since taking over Plus another 83 million of debt = 333 MILLION)

This is part of a presentation by The Rovers Trust which shows Blackburn Rovers decline during the 6 years of Venkys reign. It highlights the statistics of why we must get our club back now before it’s too late.

roverstrust statistics chart


Source: The Rovers Trust

As you are able to see from this graph above, since venkys have taken over the club till the end of the 2015/2016 season we have dropped a massive 35 league positions. Along with around 10,000 fans, a huge drop in annual turnover and an overall plunge in funds! As the expression goes “statistics don’t lie”.

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