This blog “Rovers Revisited” represents the well respected and highly regarded supporter Glen Mullan. Glen gives his views on what he has investigated and found out concerning Blackburn Rovers and the Venkys throughout there unsuccessful ownership tenure to date. Much of what you will read from the below links are based on true events and Glen’s interpretation and opinion of these. Glen has been a Blackburn Rovers supporter for 35 years, remains a current season ticket holder and an influential figure around Lancashire both from a supporter basis and his work with both the Rovers Trust, Independent Supporters groups and previously BRAG.

Please click the links below for each of Glens blogs which will be updated on this website regularly, I’m sure you will find these as informative as most of the Blackburn Rovers fans have become to know and find throughout Glen’s investigations.

1.Blackburn Rovers, A supporters story.

2. A call for action

3.The Aftermath

4.Rovers Circus

5. Planes, Dog Food & A Pint Or Two

6. Victory Lap & Petty Squabbles

7. But What About That Tackle?

8. We Will Fight For Our Rovers….

9. What Country Is That?

10. Don’t Read If You Want A Good Weekend!

11. Good Money If You Can Get It?

12. Pick a Player, Sack a Manager & Liberation Day

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