Pick a Player, Sack a Manager & Liberation Day

It’s been a while since I last updated Rovers Revisited 2 but as promised here is the latest installment of my story regarding the investigation into the club I have supported all my life. The only reason these blog post came to a halt, is due to work commitments, which has given me very little time to pencil anything down.

Grammer wise, this may not read the best, so for the spelling Police out there if you would like it written better by all means proof read this and email it back to me at glenmullan@btinternet.com and I will gladly replace this version

If you have not read the other installments then I would ask that you read them all, as it will give you a clearer picture to what I have personally witnessed over the last 6 years. These Blog post are based on facts and you can take as much or as little as you want from them, to make your own mind up.

I take you back to the time now when Steve Kean finally departed, This many would think would of been a day of real celebration in the Mullan household, however for some strange reason, I felt nothing. I was physically drained by the whole thing and although Kean was gone, it was very evident that only one small element of the bigger picture had left Ewood and there was far more going on than anyone could of possibly imagined.

This should of been a time of new start, a new beginning and a chance for Rovers to appoint an experienced Manager capable of rebuilding the team, to give the club its best possible chance for an instant return to the Premiership. After all, when Kean left, Rovers were sitting nicely towards the top of the table.

Manager after Manager was linked, the BRFC Action Group held a number of meetings with Singh putting across their point of view of who the club should be targeting. Across the committee , everyone had a different name, which showed how difficult it is to appease a supporter base when choosing a new Manager. However I think it was universally agreed, we needed a proven Manager with a track record and someone the supporters could relate to, in terms of their CV and previous success’s .

Blackburn at that time were still a good catch for any Manager and many threw their hat in the ring for the position, both foreign and British, From Trappatoni, to Holloway, the list was endless. Singh had this weird infatuation with trying to get a young energetic Manager who could work perhaps with an old figure head for 18 months or so, or if he couldn’t get that perhaps a former player. The BRFC Action Group Committee pleaded with Singh to not get another experiment and re-iterated that this appointment would be one of the most important in the club’s history, given what had gone before and what the wrong appointment could mean for the club long term.

Singh openly discussed candidates with a couple of people from the Group including myself. He would call me often, mentioning names and stated he would tell me who they would appoint before the decision is made public. As a committee we joked a number of times, that this investigation was costing a fortune and if Singh is going to tell us the Manager, then we should put a bet on it and actually generate some funds so we can continue with the investigation. Singh called me one Sunday night to tell me, he had worked with Peter Taylor during his ESPN Days , he had spoken to him, and this was the route he wanted to go down. Although a very uninspiring choice, it didn’t stop a number of us running around to the bookies to get odds and put a sly £20 on it, I actually remember Paul Keogh going to a number of Bookies , However I think word had got out and they wouldn’t take his bet. Taylors odd’s dropped to odd’s on favourite and social media went crazy with the prospect that Rovers one chance of appointing the right Manager, Lots of outstanding candidates, and we was going to pluck for Peter Taylor. Singh rang me a day later and said that the outrage it had created, meant that Rovers were going to have a re-think. I do still wonder what Singh said to Taylor when he approached him for the job, only to contact him again and say “Thanks but no Thanks”.

As the days went by, the supporter base became increasingly anxious as Rovers continued without a Manager and there appeared no sign of one being appointed any time soon.

I then got a call from Mark Fish, who told me he had a meeting at the club with Singh, I couldn’t attend, however whilst Mark was there the strangest thing happened. He was sat in Singh’s office, when all of a sudden a gentleman  walked past with Derek Shaw and Singh through open the door. It was none other than Henning Berg. Henning was invited into Mark’s meeting and he and Henning were introduced to each other. Singh stated that Henning would be the New Manager and I still to this day cannot imagine what Mark was thinking when this bombshell was dropped. This incident alone shows how clearly dysfunctional the club is under the stewardship of Venky’s. Berg had not even signed on the dotted line, was their for his final touches of negotiations and he is thrown in front of a supporter like a jester in the kings court.

Singh’s revelations and actions continued to astound the committee of the Action Group, his openness on the inner dynamics at Blackburn Rovers held no barriers.

Obviously it was announced the day after that Berg was Manager, another uninspired appointment which lasted weeks before he too was given his marching order’s.

Henning Berg was announced as the new Blackburn boss in 2012

Later I found out that the internal politics of Shaw. Agnew and Singh, where ego’s came first is how we ended up with Berg. Shaw put him forward and because he was an ex-player, he got Singh’s buy in after Tim Sherwood back heeled the opportunity. A number of Manager’s were interviewed, with one in particular being Ian Holloway. He had a meeting with Shaw, Agnew and Singh. Singh’s memory of the event, was Holloway got out of his chair, walked behind Singh, put his two hands on his shoulders and said to Singh “We will all do well out of this, leave it all to me”. On these words, Singh got out of his chair, walked out of the interview and made his way over to Blackburn Golf Club with Elaine Whittingham. Elaine was now doing a lot of Shebby’s out office PA work. I must add Elaine did this for free, and of all employee’s of the club, was the only one who behind the scenes helped and cared about the future of the club, and still does. This eventually made her position untenable as the dark forces within tried to publically ruin her credibility in what can only be described as cowardly acts. On behalf of al Rover’s supporters, I’d like to thank Elaine for all her help and support, she had nothing to gain, but did what so many failed to step up to the plate to do, including those who walked away with tidy pay-offs

The purpose of Shebby’s visit to Blackburn Golf club was to attend a meeting which had been organised by Sir Bill Taylor. MP Jake Berry and a number of supporters from various supporter groups, I was present in this meeting.

A couple of weeks went by and the back biting in the boardroom continued as Shaw, Agnew and Singh were now playing out a public war.

In another meeting with Singh at Ewood with the BRFC Action Group, it was interrupted by a telephone call Shebby Singh received from Jerome Anderson. I whispered across the table to Singh, for him to put Anderson on loud speaker. To my shock and those with me, he did exactly that.

Anderson had called regarding Myles Anderson getting more game time for one of such ability and a new contract, Singh then in one of the most shocking things I have witnessed told Anderson “I have thought about this and have decided that he has no future at Ewood, we will pay his current contract up and he can leave today, give Derek Shaw a ring in the morning and I will get the necessary paperwork drawn up”. Anderson was shocked, he pleaded like a baby, that his son just needed an opportunity and perhaps Singh should re-consider? Singh stated “Its all sorted, he can go now”, That was it, the end of Myles Anderson and in full view of the BRFC Action Group committee. That call convinced me beyond reasonable doubt that Anderson had no sway with Singh, but also that Anderson was very much still hanging around in the corridors of Ewood.

Singh took things a step further during another meeting with the BRFC Action Group, the war against Shaw and Agnew or “Shagnew” as now referred as by Singh was now getting into full swing.

Singh asked if we could organise the biggest protest yet and he would pay for it. He talked about paying for Billboards, Wagons with banners and anything which we wanted to put together which would oust these Anderson puppets out of the club. He stated that both where on the take and had wrestled in on transfer deals for personal gain, including bringing two Agents to the table for the Rhodes deal. Singh’s claims , were not only spoken claims, but in many emails to me, he makes the same claims calling them thieves and liars.

As a committee, when the guy who represents the Rao family is looking to pay for protest, you have to question the motive, especially as he had spoken to family via phone in our presence previously and they appeared to endorse the meetings he was having with the group. Was this guy really here to get rid of the corruption, was he here to keep supporters quiet, or did he come for the latter, discover the former and take it upon himself to do both? Whatever his reasons , his relationship with the BRFC Action Group was now getting uncomfortable.

Supporters and members were not happy with what appeared to the outside world as a keep the supporters quiet exercise. It was difficult to explain publically to supporters and members of the group that the way to find out more, was to get in close. You can’t find facts out by not asking direct questions. We would never have found what he have, had we taken a different approach, whilst I’m also certain the likes of Agnew, Shaw and Kean would still be there. This interface with the supporters group protesting against the running of the club and the ownership was the thorn in Crescendo’s side, it was the tap being turned off, it was the beginning of the end, as Singh was deemed a lose cannon by those who wished to profit from Rovers demise, and with him being in daily contact with the supporters and owners, whilst the club not knowing his movements, it made those guilty for the clubs demise even less likely to succeed any further in rinsing the club of any more cash.


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  1. We need to do everything in our power to get this site recognised. There’s power in numbers. I was only recently introduced to your blog Glenn by my father Carl McGovern and I am really grateful for all the time and commitment you have put into this. Venky’s out, Anderson out. Let’s get the blue flag flying high again

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