An invitation to raise a red card to the Raos on the 18th and 75th minute vs Man Utd

The game v Man U on Sunday, 19th February could see a potential 1 million + viewers both at home and abroad casting their eyes on Blackburn Rovers FC. Discussion about whether or not to make any protest about the Raos on that day has been plentiful amongst us.

I say ‘us’ because in spite of everything, I strongly believe there is still an ‘us’. Whether you attend games regularly and still want to get behind the lads or are a staunch boycotter, we are all intensely unhappy about what has happened to the club over the past six and a bit years; we are alldesperate for things to change; we all still have passionate feelings about our once proud, historic Blackburn Rovers FC. That’s something we may always share and so, to that extent, we are still #fansunited.

I don’t want to involve myself in the who’s right and who’s wrong debate regarding protests. I respect everyone’s views and I’d like to encourage my fellow fans to set aside their differences, maybe just for this one influential occasion, whilst looking at the bigger picture.

There is a way we could all briefly come together on Sunday: we could all play a part in giving a sign of our unhappiness to the huge viewing audience and beyond, by participating in some form or other in the red card 18/75 action.

If you are a boycotter, your help would be greatly appreciated if you wanted to use the red cards to attract the attention of the press and then go on to recount our club’s disastrous recent history to them. If you felt you could assist by coming down to the area to help distribute red cards, your efforts would be most welcome.

If you are a physically unable to attend the ground, sending a red card around twitter with the #fansunited hashtag would be fantastic. Perhaps if you have creative talents, you could design something to go on a red card for people to hold up.

If you are someone who is going into the ground and has another form of protest planned for this occasion, you could participate in this action in tandem with other things you have organised.

If you are someone who is going to the match to support the team and who prefers not to vocally distract the players with protests, these red cards can be raised silently and with dignity as a sign for onlookers rather than the men on the pitch.

 The last attempt to stage this action achieved participation from pockets of fans and was acknowledged in the press. This time, I hope you will agree that it is so important that we get our misery as fans noticed on a much wider scale.

If you think that the Rao family has harmed and is still harming BRFC; if you think that we need owners who show that they care for our club; if you think that something has to change at BRFC, then please raise a red card to Venky’s on the 18th and 75th minute of the game on Sunday, 19thFebruary.

This action has been initiated by the ‘Ewood Working Men’s Club meetings’ group of fans who are not directly affiliated to any official organisation. However, we would be delighted with and grateful for these groups’ support with the red card 18/75 plan.


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