Blackburn Rovers fans have set up a petition to get Venkys Out, with every signature is a donation to East Lancashire Hospice.

We are hoping that the more money raised for charity the more press coverage we will receive.

Either click below to donate or alternatively you can text VENK77 to 70070 followed by the amount you wish to donate; E.G. VENK77 £2 to 70070



Below are some of the signatures already received:

I have been a supporter since my 1st match against arsenal in Oct 1959 and season ticket holder since 1961 and I fear that this could be the end of this wonderful football club  – Anon


Fulham fan here and we thought our Yank owner was bad, good luck with Getting rid or Venkys. #cluckoffVenkys – Anon (Fulham)


Give us our club back! – Victoria Fennell


Just do the decent thing and go Venkys. – Barbara Marsden


#VenkysOut Blackburn needs a community focussed football club to be proud of – please give us this back. – Dave Riding


Good luck with your campaign – Kalamazoo, Charlton Athletic supporter.


The truth must come out. Venkys out. East Lancashire Hospice, doing a great job for the community and something to be proud of. – Pete Abbott


We want our Rovers back, made in Blackburn destroyed in India #venkysout – Bradley Munz


Good luck /Man Utd fan #FootballFamily – Simon Loewenthal, Manchester United Supporter. 


Give Blackburn Rovers back to someone who wants it! – Robert Stewart


I’d donate a kidney if I thought it would help rid us of these  owners(whoever they might be) – Mick Wig


End the Kentaro/SEM/Anderson involvement and #VenkysOut – Mikey W




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