Following an open floor meeting at Blakeys Bar in Blackburn on the 1st September, it was agreed that a planned protest needed to be put in place ready for the televised game vs Wolves on the 29th October at 5.30pm.

Some fans wanted to boycott completely, whereas some refused to boycott and wanted to support the team.

After multiple ideas it was decided that all fans in the room would be happy to participate in an 18/75 protest.

The plan is very simple.

Blackburn fans will arrive in the concourse ready for kick off, however we will not enter the stands until the 18th minute.

What fans decide to do once they’re in the stand is completely up to them.

On the 75th minute fans will then stand up and leave the ground empty again.

For this to work we need unity and everybody reading from the same hymn sheet, all home areas must be completely empty before the 18th minute and after the 75th minute. During the period of 18 – 75 minutes the ground needs to be as full as possible. The aim is to show Venkys what they could have had, and any prospective future owners what they can have.

This is our one opportunity, the world will be watching, we need to make it count.

For fans of other clubs who may be slightly confused as to why ’18/75′?  Blackburn Rovers was founded in 1875, and one of the founder members of The Football League.



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