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BRFC Action Group Statement 10/5/17

Phone Call with Balaji Rao

BRFC Action Group Statement 22/2/17

Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester United – Red Card to the Raos

Blackburn Rovers vs Blackpool #OperationEmptyEwood


Blackburn Rovers Action Group Statement – What Is Your Agenda?

I Am Boycotting video released

General Supporters Meeting Minutes – October 2016

1875 Protest Press Release

I Am Boycotting

Fundraiser launched to get visual in India

Newspaper article regarding Venkys ownership in The Times newspaper

1875 Protest vs Wolves

Breaking: Meeting arranged to unite fan base

Petition launched to get Venkys Out

Blackburn Rovers Action Group Statement

Rovers Trust Calls For Sale of The Club

Insider Media: Net Debt Tops £100m At Blackburn Rovers

LT: Venky’s Deny Existence of Joint-Ownership Bid, Seneca Partners Respond

FootballLeagueWorld.co.uk: Blackburn Rovers – From Rags To Riches To Rags

FSF: Blackburn Rovers has Become a “Toxic” Brand Under Venky’s, Say Fans

The Times/Oliver Kay – Venky’s and other Corporate Vandals Must Be Stopped From Owning Clubs

Twohundredpercent.net: Blackburn Rovers – Debt, Silence and Stagnation

SportsKeeda – Misery at Blackburn Rovers: Leaked Documents Reveal Harrowing Details of the Indian Rule

ScoopWhoop: Blackburn Rovers Fans Want to Protest Against Venky’s at India Vs England ODI in Pune

Sakal Times: After Brexit, Blackburn Rovers Fans Demand Venxit

FansNetwork: Circling the Drain – Opposition Profile (Blackburn Rovers)

Vice Sports: From Obsession to Apathy – Falling Out of Love With Blackburn Rovers

Sakal Times: Venky’s Out to Echo in Pune’s Own Backyard Soon



Rovers Trust: Blackburn Rovers Accounts Reveal True Financial Horror of the Venky’s Regime

Reg of the Rovers: Are Venky’s Preparing to Sue Jerome Anderson?

Thetwounfortunates.com: The Financial Underbelly – Blackburn Rovers



EFL.com: Venky’s Apologise for Failures



Forbes India – Why Venky’s Need to Exit Blackburn Rovers

Goal.Com: How the Venky’s Regime is Affecting Blackburn Rovers and Indian Football

Indian Economic Times: Venky’s Are the Worst Owner of an English Football Club

International Business Times: Shebby Singh – The Tyrannical Leader Blackburn Rovers Just Don’t Need

BBC: Steve Kean Pays Sam Allardyce Damages Over “Crook” Claim

Bloomberg: Italian Aristocrat’s Fund Sues Kentaro After Soccer Investment Flops

Sky Sports: Venktatesh Rao Promises “Full Support” For Michael Appleton and Vows to Win the Fans Hearts

The Guardian/David Conn: Michael Appleton’s Sacking Exposes Venky’s Madness

Daily Mail/Nick Harris: Why Won’t the FA Tell Us What’s Going On At Blackburn?

Daily Mail: We’re a Shambles! Blackburn’s Lawyers Admit Club in Pieces During Berg Court Battles

The Telegraph: Blackburn Rovers Ordered to Pay £2.25M to Henning Berg  After 57 Days in Charge

Footballeconomy.com: Judge Lambasts Rovers

FC Legal: Henning Berg v Blackburn Rovers

Indian Economic Times: Venky’s Still Groping in the Dark With Blackburn Rovers It Bought in 2010

Desi Blitz: Blackburn Rovers in a Venky’s Mess

Tribal Football/Goal.Com: Balaji Rao Committed to Blackburn

Daily Record/Craig Burley: Venky’s in Danger of Reducing Blackburn Rovers to Ashes

BBC/Andy Cryer: Blackburn Rovers – Contradictions, Confusion and Denial

Sport360: “Crazy” Venky’s – Salgado Blows Lid On Blackburn Malaise

SportingIntelligence: Why Do English Authorities Keep Buck-Passing the Blackburn Farce?

Mail on Sunday/Nick Harris: FA Investigate Rovers as Civil War Breaks Out Between Senior Executives




LT: Agent Jerome Anderson Questions Blackburn Rovers Supporters

Daily Mail: Agent Jerome Anderson Takes Legal Advice Over Blackburn Fans Abuse

YouTube: Interview with Venkatesh Rao without the moustache (Video)

SportingIntelligence/Nick Harris – Revealed: The Letter that Exposes the History of Blackburn’s Crisis

SportingIntelligence/Nick Harris – Revealed: New Leaked Letter Reveals Crisis and Torment Inside Ewood

SportingIntelligence/Nick Harris: Revealed – Facebook Role In Blackburn Transfers As Fans Prepare for Government Meeting

YouTube: Shebby Singh Appears on Sky Sports (Video)

BBC/Phil McNulty: From Signing Beckham to Chasing Chickens

Daily Mail/Martin Samuel: Blackburn 0-1 Wigan – Blackburn Rovers and Steve Kean Relegated

Independent: Steve Kean in the Dark as Venky’s admit to “Total Confusion”

The Mirror: Steve Kean – 20 Damning Quotes

Canary Conspiracies: The Demise of Blackburn Rovers

Daily Mail: Revealed – From Boardroom Split to Player Revolt, the Inside Story of Crisis Engulfing Blackburn

The Mirror: Blackburn Director Derek Shaw Calls For Shebby Singh to be Sacked

Footandball.net: The Curious Case of Venky’s – Astute Indian Business People or Confused Cowboys?

Footandball.net: Where’s the FA While Rovers Are Being Raped, Robbed and Relegated?

BusinessToday.in: Venky’s Blackburn Fiasco

Indian Economic Times: Blackburn Rovers Buyout – What Went Wrong for Venky’s in Football Business

NY Times: For Blackburn Rovers Fans, an Aimlessly Stumbling Chicken Sums It Up

The Mirror: Rovers Meltdown – Shearer Places Blame Squarely on Shoulders of Venky’s

Business Standard: Venky’s Get Feathers Plucked by Blackburn Rovers Fans

SportingIntelligence: Blackburn Fans Given Boost By MPs and FA – And Ask Anderson For Answers

SportingIntelligence: Steve Kean Won Stay of Execution After Wife’s 11th Hour Call to Owner

SportingIntelligence: Fans Celebrate as Steve Kean “Forced” to Resign as Blackburn Manager



SportingIntelligence/Nick Harris – Venky’s Overview

Article from the Telegraph on Rovers relationship with SEM/Kentaro/Anderson

LT: Mrs Desai – Why John Williams Left Blackburn Rovers

ESPN: Interview with Venkatesh Rao (Video)

The Mirror: Venky’s Release Statement Pleading with Fans to Back the Team

The Telegraph: Blackburn Rovers Owners Venky’s Under the Microscope as Barclays Bank Demands a Reduction in Club’s Debt

YouTube: Tony Parkes Talks About Venky’s and Steve Kean (Video)

Independent: Kean Giving Driving Ban Despite Spiked Drink Claim

The National: Clueless Venky’s Are At Fault for Blackburn’s Struggles

Thespoiler.co.uk: Blackburn Defend Their Position in the Curious Case of Myles Anderson

Highbeam.com: Fowl Play At Blackburn, Indian Poultry Magnates Venky’s Took Over A Year Ago and Rovers Have Been Going Downhill Ever Since



This is Lancashire: Kentaro in VH Group’s Blackburn Rovers Bid

The Guardian: Wigan’s Dave Whelan Raises Doubts About Blackburn’s Indian Takeover

Indian Poultry Giants Venky’s Complete Takeover of Blackburn Rovers

Andy Cole article where he states he knew Kean would be put in charge before Venky’s took over

Independent/Glenn Moore: Turning Blackburn Rovers Into An Agent’s Shop Window Will Be Risky Business

Clubcall: Kentaro’s Rovers Influence Increases

The Telegraph: Allardyce Sacking Sparks Outrage Among Players and Staff At Blackburn Rovers 

TribalFootball: Blackburn Boss Kean “Proud” of SEM Connections

Times of India: More Money Will be Splashed After Initial £5m Investment

LT: So just who are Kentaro and the SEM group? (Include Poll on Allardyce Sacking)


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