The biggest visual protest to date has been the boycotters. With the Wolves game the target of multiple protests, we need to be armed with a few plans to ensure at least 1 hits the target.

With this in mind I am on the lookout for 50 – 100 supporters which are boycotting, who can do a 2 second video on their phone whilst saying three words – “I Am Boycotting”. I am on the lookout for people of all ages and ethnicity’s to really mix it up a bit.

The plan is to do a video on a YouTube channel, which will start with footage of a packed Ewood Park, then all the “I Am Boycotting” quotes will be played one after another. At the end of the video it will then go black and give details of the 18/75 protest with the slogan “Who is really boycotting?”

This video will be released the night before the game with a press release and will hopefully make a very strong statement.

You are able to upload video files to the Contact Us page where we will then be able to receive and edit them.

Many thanks,

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