On Behalf of “Clubs in Crisis” 

This action against the FA on May 26th is part of a wider struggle by supporters’ groups up and down the UK against unscrupulous and unworthy owners. Clubs might have different stories but the interests of their clubs are not being adequately served by their owners : amongst these are Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool FC, Charlton Athletic, Coventry City and Leyton Orient.

We have in common a belief in the importance of football clubs being a part of the local community. Football supporters have sustained their clubs for generations. Owners are temporary whereas supporters are permanent. We also have a collective concern about the will of the football authorities to guarantee a fair future for fans. Therefore supporters groups are working closely with the Football Supporters Federation locally and nationally to lobby for changes in the governance of the game, to place limitations on unscrupulous and powerful owners.

This is becoming a concerted struggle on behalf of all footballs supporters. You can show your active support by joining or donating to the FSF or your local group and your own club’s Supporters’ Trust.  We are ramping up activity towards a national co-ordinated campaign against the FA and the EFL.

To learn more, please visit: http://pmow2017.co.uk/crisis-clubs/

  1. FA Cup Final day is for the supporters not the bureaucrats – we the supporters have sustained and financed your competition (which is part of our game) and your lifestyle and institutions for generations. We want the power back – now.
  2. Expect us – fans from all over the UK have been organising this for months. We are coming, coaches are booked so please deal with it in a respectful manner. You face a conundrum so you can either work with us or choose to ignore us. We will march in peace. We are supporters but you have made us protestors.
  3. Johnny Rotten called it right about that vile creature Jimmy Saville in 1977. What did the BBC and the ‘government’ do about it ? Close him down – ban him – shut him up. There was even one parliamentarian who got so hung up on a few swear words that he even tried to ban the Sex Pistols. People have known for years the vile abuse going on in our game – the FA have sat in their ivory tower protecting themselves and for many onlookers it is amazing that they still have the guile to exist.
  4. If you can join us please get in touch via the e-mail. We need to know numbers and as we are protesting the English FA we would like you to wear your clubs colours, bring England flags with you club’s name on it (any other countries flags are welcome).
  5. We the organising committee will remain anonymous for the time being but will reveal ourselves when we are ready.
  6. Please note this is in no way connected to any political party or group. There is no ideology or slavish adulation of leaders or heroes either. It’s a grassroots footballing revolution. The real heroes are those that march with us on Saturday May 27th 2017.

www.venkysout.com #VenkysOut

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