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BRFC Action Group Statement 10/5/17

The final day of the 2016/2017 season ended, as predicted by many supporters with Blackburn Rovers relegated to the third tier of English football for the first time in nearly forty years. This being the second relegation the club has suffered under the sickening ownership of absent owners Venkys.
Head coach Tony Mowbray inherited a team that appeared low in confidence, belief, fitness and tactical awareness. Given just fifteen games to pull off a great escape, the gap proved just too big with Rovers being relegated on goal difference despite losing just three of those fifteen matches and picking up eleven points from the last five fixtures. If the season started the day Tony Mowbray took charge and ended on Sunday, Rovers would have been a top ten team.

Fans are left asking could this have been avoided if Owen Coyle had been dismissed when it became clear that his appointment was an abject failure?  One of English footballs most famous names the late Brian Clough once said “If a chairman sacks the manager he initially appointed, he should go as well”. Coyle was personally endorsed and hailed as “The outstanding candidate” by club director Mike Cheston.  Mike then went on to defend his outstanding candidate, ignoring supporter concerns and his decision to take that stance has had catastrophic consequences on Blackburn Rovers.  Today we once again call for Mike Cheston to do the right thing and walk away from his position at the club.

Within twenty four hours of relegation we have seen the departure of Paul Senior, Director of football and operations and yet another unnamed generic message from the owners. Employees are uncertain of their futures, local businesses are suffering and Ewood Park once again has an operating boardroom that consists of just Mike Cheston who has previously proved to be incompetent in addressing both the finances and recruitment of Blackburn Rovers.


The BRFC Action Group has actively campaigned against the Venkys regime since its inception in 2012.  Supporters and community groups have called for the clubs owners to communicate and begin to support their ‘baby’ and these calls have remained unheeded.
Since that ill-fated day in November 2010 when Venkateshwara Hatcheries purchased Blackburn Rovers, this famous football club has been in a decline which the owners seem both unable and uninterested in halting.  The statement released by the owners on Monday was an insult to the supporters of Blackburn Rovers, who are in agreement by a vast majority that these people are not fit and proper to run their football club.  The club currently has two UK based directors who see fit to either accuse boycotting supporters of “harming the club”, or believe that threatening supporters with legal action is acceptable.  These actions by the Directors of Blackburn Rovers, together with the negligence of the owners, Anuradha Desai, Balaji Rao and Venkatesh Rao have destroyed the very fabric of this football club.  The supporters of Blackburn Rovers are issuing a vote of no confidence in the board of directors and the owners of their club and the only acceptable outcome for the supporters is for Venkateshwara Hatcheries to sell the club with immediate effect
The continued terminal decline of Blackburn Rovers continues, watched on by Venkys and their partners, The Football League and Football Association appear to be completely oblivious to the fact that Blackburn Rovers and other clubs up and down the country are being systematically dismantled by owners and their associates, who appear to have no understanding of football or the importance of such clubs to the local communities they sit at the centre of.  Modern football has become a multi billion pound business and those charged with regulating the game are clearly outdated, self fulfilling and not fit and proper themselves.  The BRFC Action Group is in daily contact with fellow supporter groups across the length and breadth of the country discussing plans to target the games governing bodies as we call once again for the government to reform the way our national game is managed.

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Pick a Player, Sack a Manager & Liberation Day

It’s been a while since I last updated Rovers Revisited 2 but as promised here is the latest installment of my story regarding the investigation into the club I have supported all my life. The only reason these blog post came to a halt, is due to work commitments, which has given me very little time to pencil anything down.

Grammer wise, this may not read the best, so for the spelling Police out there if you would like it written better by all means proof read this and email it back to me at and I will gladly replace this version

If you have not read the other installments then I would ask that you read them all, as it will give you a clearer picture to what I have personally witnessed over the last 6 years. These Blog post are based on facts and you can take as much or as little as you want from them, to make your own mind up.

I take you back to the time now when Steve Kean finally departed, This many would think would of been a day of real celebration in the Mullan household, however for some strange reason, I felt nothing. I was physically drained by the whole thing and although Kean was gone, it was very evident that only one small element of the bigger picture had left Ewood and there was far more going on than anyone could of possibly imagined.

This should of been a time of new start, a new beginning and a chance for Rovers to appoint an experienced Manager capable of rebuilding the team, to give the club its best possible chance for an instant return to the Premiership. After all, when Kean left, Rovers were sitting nicely towards the top of the table.

Manager after Manager was linked, the BRFC Action Group held a number of meetings with Singh putting across their point of view of who the club should be targeting. Across the committee , everyone had a different name, which showed how difficult it is to appease a supporter base when choosing a new Manager. However I think it was universally agreed, we needed a proven Manager with a track record and someone the supporters could relate to, in terms of their CV and previous success’s .

Blackburn at that time were still a good catch for any Manager and many threw their hat in the ring for the position, both foreign and British, From Trappatoni, to Holloway, the list was endless. Singh had this weird infatuation with trying to get a young energetic Manager who could work perhaps with an old figure head for 18 months or so, or if he couldn’t get that perhaps a former player. The BRFC Action Group Committee pleaded with Singh to not get another experiment and re-iterated that this appointment would be one of the most important in the club’s history, given what had gone before and what the wrong appointment could mean for the club long term.

Singh openly discussed candidates with a couple of people from the Group including myself. He would call me often, mentioning names and stated he would tell me who they would appoint before the decision is made public. As a committee we joked a number of times, that this investigation was costing a fortune and if Singh is going to tell us the Manager, then we should put a bet on it and actually generate some funds so we can continue with the investigation. Singh called me one Sunday night to tell me, he had worked with Peter Taylor during his ESPN Days , he had spoken to him, and this was the route he wanted to go down. Although a very uninspiring choice, it didn’t stop a number of us running around to the bookies to get odds and put a sly £20 on it, I actually remember Paul Keogh going to a number of Bookies , However I think word had got out and they wouldn’t take his bet. Taylors odd’s dropped to odd’s on favourite and social media went crazy with the prospect that Rovers one chance of appointing the right Manager, Lots of outstanding candidates, and we was going to pluck for Peter Taylor. Singh rang me a day later and said that the outrage it had created, meant that Rovers were going to have a re-think. I do still wonder what Singh said to Taylor when he approached him for the job, only to contact him again and say “Thanks but no Thanks”.

As the days went by, the supporter base became increasingly anxious as Rovers continued without a Manager and there appeared no sign of one being appointed any time soon.

I then got a call from Mark Fish, who told me he had a meeting at the club with Singh, I couldn’t attend, however whilst Mark was there the strangest thing happened. He was sat in Singh’s office, when all of a sudden a gentleman  walked past with Derek Shaw and Singh through open the door. It was none other than Henning Berg. Henning was invited into Mark’s meeting and he and Henning were introduced to each other. Singh stated that Henning would be the New Manager and I still to this day cannot imagine what Mark was thinking when this bombshell was dropped. This incident alone shows how clearly dysfunctional the club is under the stewardship of Venky’s. Berg had not even signed on the dotted line, was their for his final touches of negotiations and he is thrown in front of a supporter like a jester in the kings court.

Singh’s revelations and actions continued to astound the committee of the Action Group, his openness on the inner dynamics at Blackburn Rovers held no barriers.

Obviously it was announced the day after that Berg was Manager, another uninspired appointment which lasted weeks before he too was given his marching order’s.

Henning Berg was announced as the new Blackburn boss in 2012

Later I found out that the internal politics of Shaw. Agnew and Singh, where ego’s came first is how we ended up with Berg. Shaw put him forward and because he was an ex-player, he got Singh’s buy in after Tim Sherwood back heeled the opportunity. A number of Manager’s were interviewed, with one in particular being Ian Holloway. He had a meeting with Shaw, Agnew and Singh. Singh’s memory of the event, was Holloway got out of his chair, walked behind Singh, put his two hands on his shoulders and said to Singh “We will all do well out of this, leave it all to me”. On these words, Singh got out of his chair, walked out of the interview and made his way over to Blackburn Golf Club with Elaine Whittingham. Elaine was now doing a lot of Shebby’s out office PA work. I must add Elaine did this for free, and of all employee’s of the club, was the only one who behind the scenes helped and cared about the future of the club, and still does. This eventually made her position untenable as the dark forces within tried to publically ruin her credibility in what can only be described as cowardly acts. On behalf of al Rover’s supporters, I’d like to thank Elaine for all her help and support, she had nothing to gain, but did what so many failed to step up to the plate to do, including those who walked away with tidy pay-offs

The purpose of Shebby’s visit to Blackburn Golf club was to attend a meeting which had been organised by Sir Bill Taylor. MP Jake Berry and a number of supporters from various supporter groups, I was present in this meeting.

A couple of weeks went by and the back biting in the boardroom continued as Shaw, Agnew and Singh were now playing out a public war.

In another meeting with Singh at Ewood with the BRFC Action Group, it was interrupted by a telephone call Shebby Singh received from Jerome Anderson. I whispered across the table to Singh, for him to put Anderson on loud speaker. To my shock and those with me, he did exactly that.

Anderson had called regarding Myles Anderson getting more game time for one of such ability and a new contract, Singh then in one of the most shocking things I have witnessed told Anderson “I have thought about this and have decided that he has no future at Ewood, we will pay his current contract up and he can leave today, give Derek Shaw a ring in the morning and I will get the necessary paperwork drawn up”. Anderson was shocked, he pleaded like a baby, that his son just needed an opportunity and perhaps Singh should re-consider? Singh stated “Its all sorted, he can go now”, That was it, the end of Myles Anderson and in full view of the BRFC Action Group committee. That call convinced me beyond reasonable doubt that Anderson had no sway with Singh, but also that Anderson was very much still hanging around in the corridors of Ewood.

Singh took things a step further during another meeting with the BRFC Action Group, the war against Shaw and Agnew or “Shagnew” as now referred as by Singh was now getting into full swing.

Singh asked if we could organise the biggest protest yet and he would pay for it. He talked about paying for Billboards, Wagons with banners and anything which we wanted to put together which would oust these Anderson puppets out of the club. He stated that both where on the take and had wrestled in on transfer deals for personal gain, including bringing two Agents to the table for the Rhodes deal. Singh’s claims , were not only spoken claims, but in many emails to me, he makes the same claims calling them thieves and liars.

As a committee, when the guy who represents the Rao family is looking to pay for protest, you have to question the motive, especially as he had spoken to family via phone in our presence previously and they appeared to endorse the meetings he was having with the group. Was this guy really here to get rid of the corruption, was he here to keep supporters quiet, or did he come for the latter, discover the former and take it upon himself to do both? Whatever his reasons , his relationship with the BRFC Action Group was now getting uncomfortable.

Supporters and members were not happy with what appeared to the outside world as a keep the supporters quiet exercise. It was difficult to explain publically to supporters and members of the group that the way to find out more, was to get in close. You can’t find facts out by not asking direct questions. We would never have found what he have, had we taken a different approach, whilst I’m also certain the likes of Agnew, Shaw and Kean would still be there. This interface with the supporters group protesting against the running of the club and the ownership was the thorn in Crescendo’s side, it was the tap being turned off, it was the beginning of the end, as Singh was deemed a lose cannon by those who wished to profit from Rovers demise, and with him being in daily contact with the supporters and owners, whilst the club not knowing his movements, it made those guilty for the clubs demise even less likely to succeed any further in rinsing the club of any more cash.


Phone Call With Balaji Rao

Below is an audio clip of a phone call between the owner of Blackburn Rovers, Balaji Rao, and a supporter who wishes to remain anonymous. Balaji assumes that the caller is new manager Tony Mowbray.

This audio is 100% genuine.


BR: Dobro.
TM: Hello, Mr. Rao. It’s Tony. Tony Mowbray? The new manager of Blackburn Rovers.
BR: Yes, yes. Hi.
TM: Hi, yeah. Just wanted to let you know, many thank you for giving me the job, and the first day of training went fantastic.
BR: Right. One second, hah?
TM: Yeah, thank you.

BR: How are you? How are you, Tony?
TM: Yeah, thank you very much for giving me the job, I really appreciate it, and the first day of training went brilliant.
BR: Thank you very much…
TM: Yeah.
BR: …for coming to our family.
TM: Oh, brilliant, it’s fantastic! The place is buzzing, and I’m positive we’re gonna stay up this season.
BR: That’s it. I want that only from you, and then we carry on.
TM: Yeah. So it’s in 18-month contract. I’m pleased with that. I’m pleased with the terms. I spoke to Jerome – it’s all good, and we’re ready to go, and we’ll stay up this season, I can assure you.
BR: Lovely.
TM: Yeah, so any chance of seeing you some time soon, or what?
BR: Yes, yes, I’m coming over the day after to Europe. I was there just two days ago in London.
TM: Oh, right!
BR: But then I left, yeah, there I left. Then I’m coming back to Switzerland, then I’m coming one day to London, that’ll be on Monday.
TM: Right, maybe we could meet up in London, or maybe come to a game and I’ll see you at the game, or…
BR: Yes. You have a game next, next game weekend, sorry?
TM: Well, we’re playing Burton on Friday, away at Burton.
BR: Friday?
TM: Yeah, that’s away at Burton.
BR: So Monday you can come in? Or you’ll be training?
TM: We’ll be training on Monday, we’ll be training during the week, because obviously we need to get all the trainings in now to stay up. I’ll be getting the lads in as much as possible. Yeah, but hopefully you can [BR inaduble]… What about coming to a game? Or… Could you make a game?
BR: I’m… Yeah, I will come back, but I might be little bit [inaudible] when I come into London. I will get Suhail to fly you in and fly you out.
TM: Brilliant. Yeah, so I’ve seen Suhail, so hopefully I’ll see you soon, umm, and we can arrange something else.
BR: And it is lovely, lovely, to have you, you know? I will always… I will admire you for the last seven years.
TM: Oh, really? Brilliant!
BR: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
TM: Yeah, it’s a shame… It’s a shame Owen couldn’t do a bit more but these things happen in football.
BR: But now we’ll see how we’ve done, we’re still here, and next year how we’ll go up.
TM: Yeah. Brilliant.
BR: If we can stay up.
TM: Brilliant.
BR: We must try to one and two. We will. We will.
TM: We will. I assure… We’re gonna need a bit of money – transfer money. You know? Get some players in?
BR: Yeah yeah! Stabilise ourselves here but then next year I’ll come and I’ll come and tell you how we can do our best.
TM: Brilliant. So yeah, we’ll obviously… We’ll stay up this yea, we’ll get a couple of our key players down to some new contracts, and, uhh… Yeah… Hopefully we can put s-
BR: Then, once… Once… Once we’ve survived, I will give you players. That is my promise to you.
TM: Promise, yeah?
BR: Yep!
TM: That’s good to hear. That’s brilliant.
BR: A man’s promise.
TM: A man’s promise. I hope you are true to your word because, uhh, I have good aspirations for Blackburn Rovers Football Club.
BR: Let me tell you something, I’m [inaudible[… It cannot be something that, uhhh, absurd or something, because uhh, we have to get out of the Championship.
TM: Yeah, of course, of course. We need to get out of this division.
BR: That’s it.
TM: Well, it’s been absolutely fanastic to s-
BR: Once we are out of this division, that’s it! We are in the Premier League.
TM: And the money will come in big time. The fans will come back. The money will be in, and we’ll be ready to roll, mate.
BR: And all of the money, I don’t want to use anywhere in India, I just want to put it in the club, where it will come. [possible misinterpretation].
TM: So, whatever comes into Blackburn Rovers, you will put back into the club, yeah?
BR: Yeah.
TM: Brilliant.
BR: I have put £300m – £400m from my pocket.
TM: Really? Right, well that’s brilliant! Hopefully, fingers crossed, we can move forward from here. Hopefully we’ll stay up. Next season, get to the play-offs. You never know, we might go up.
BR: Never know! Never know! I cross my fingers and told Suhail the other day.
TM: Yeah.
BR: I don’t know, this man that comes and, we might get into the play-offs.
TM: Yeah. Obviously you’re probably aware of the fans thoughts at the minute. I’ve got a lot to deal with, media-wise, tomorrow with the press conference. They’re gonna be asking, you know, are you gonna be in the country, are you gonna be giving statements. I just want to know your thoughts, really, now I’m speaking to you one on one.
BR: You can tell them you are speaking to me one on one.
TM: Yeah, because I was in touch with Alan Myers who used to work for the club, and he was hoping to get you across for a fan meeting, but that obviously never happened. I was wondering if that would be do-able in the near-future?
BR: We will come… That I will come back to you and, uhh, where is Suhail?
TM: I’m not sure to be honest. I spoke to him a couple of days ago, but that’s it.
BR: OK, I will just… I will come back to you in two seconds.
TM: That’s fine. I’ll speak to you soon.
BR: Bye.
TM: Bye-bye.

BRFC Action Group Statement 22/2/17

BRFC Action Group Statement


Based on results this season and the clubs current position in the Championship table the Blackburn Rovers Football Community Action Group cautiously welcomes the decision to replace first team manager Owen Coyle.


Whilst the timing of this decision has surprised many just days after the teams committed performance against Manchester United, and just days before what it is potentially the biggest fixture in the clubs recent history away at Burton Albion, the facts are that with 15 games remaining, Rovers sit 23rd in the table and face a very real prospect of relegation into the third tier of English Football and we therefore believe that the parting of ways now gives Blackburn Rovers the best possible chance to retain its championship status.


A large majority of Rovers supporters felt that Owen Coyle was the wrong appointment at the time and this has proven to be the case, however Coyle was only a symptom of a much larger problem at Ewood Park.  Several managers before him have failed under the circumstances imposed upon them at Blackburn Rovers.  With a boardroom that is lacking in experience and seemingly limited to mundane decision making and with the clubs owners continuing to run this football club with such disdain then any manager will be handicapped from the outset.


Owen Coyle was endorsed by club director Mike Cheston and he leaves the club with a mere 7 wins and a staggering 16 defeats in his 31 league matches.  Upon appointing Owen Coyle, Cheston stated “We are delighted to welcome Owen to the club. We took our time and conducted a thorough search and Owen was the standout candidate, He meets all of the criteria we were looking for and we firmly believe he is the right man to take this club forward”.


Mike Cheston, an accountant by trade has found himself heading a board of directors at a Football Club due to the owners’ decision not to replace the many people who have fallen before him.  The BRFC Action Group believe that he is currently occupying a position that is above his level of ability and experience and that following the abject failure of Owen Coyle and his team he should be held fully accountable.  Mr Cheston personally endorsed this appointment and he should now leave the club along with his manager.


Since the appointment of Paul Senior as Director of Football there have been reports of boardroom squabbles and indications of the power struggles that have been seen previously during the Venkys painful reign as owners of Blackburn Rovers.   The full extent of Mr Senior’s role at the club is yet to be revealed, however his involvement in the clubs transfer policy was made very clear during the recent January transfer window.  In addition Mr Senior appears to have taken on the role of communications in recent weeks and during his short time at the club has made some comments in the media that have left supporters scratching their heads in disbelief.  Paul Senior declined an invitation to meet with the Blackburn Rovers Football Community Action Group recently, becoming the first club director to ever do so.


Suhail Pasha played a pivotal role in the appointments of Paul Lambert and Owen Coyle, however it is still a mystery what position he holds within Blackburn Rovers.  Shortly after Mr Pasha resumed his involvement at the club, a job vacancy was widely advertised which gave the criteria similar to what it appeared Suhail was already fulfilling.  Despite Mike Cheston confirming at a supporters meeting that Mr Pasha was indeed the successful candidate for this ‘vacancy’ six months ago, no official announcement has ever been made to clarify if Suhail Pasha was successful in his desire to become employed by the club.  However Suhail has been a regular at recent home matches and regularly takes his seat alongside his new friend Paul Senior.


Each of the directors at Blackburn Rovers, both past and present under the current ownership structure have stated that all major decisions are taken by Anuradha Desai, chairperson of the clubs majority shareholder Venkys.  Mrs Desai has watched Blackburn Rovers play at Ewood Park twice since becoming owner of the club in 2010.  The owners continue to ignore the concerns of supporters and refuse to open dialogue with local community leaders.  The Rao Family began their ownership of the club with a promise to “Absolutely respect the Jack Walker legacy”, yet the reality is that they have brought the football club to its knees, fractured a supporter base and left a community in mourning.


The Blackburn Rovers Football Community Action Group once again repeats its call for the Rao Family and their advisors to relinquish control of the club and bring an end to the damage they continue to cause.


Raise a Red Card to the Raos

An invitation to raise a red card to the Raos on the 18th and 75th minute vs Man Utd

The game v Man U on Sunday, 19th February could see a potential 1 million + viewers both at home and abroad casting their eyes on Blackburn Rovers FC. Discussion about whether or not to make any protest about the Raos on that day has been plentiful amongst us.

I say ‘us’ because in spite of everything, I strongly believe there is still an ‘us’. Whether you attend games regularly and still want to get behind the lads or are a staunch boycotter, we are all intensely unhappy about what has happened to the club over the past six and a bit years; we are alldesperate for things to change; we all still have passionate feelings about our once proud, historic Blackburn Rovers FC. That’s something we may always share and so, to that extent, we are still #fansunited.

I don’t want to involve myself in the who’s right and who’s wrong debate regarding protests. I respect everyone’s views and I’d like to encourage my fellow fans to set aside their differences, maybe just for this one influential occasion, whilst looking at the bigger picture.

There is a way we could all briefly come together on Sunday: we could all play a part in giving a sign of our unhappiness to the huge viewing audience and beyond, by participating in some form or other in the red card 18/75 action.

If you are a boycotter, your help would be greatly appreciated if you wanted to use the red cards to attract the attention of the press and then go on to recount our club’s disastrous recent history to them. If you felt you could assist by coming down to the area to help distribute red cards, your efforts would be most welcome.

If you are a physically unable to attend the ground, sending a red card around twitter with the #fansunited hashtag would be fantastic. Perhaps if you have creative talents, you could design something to go on a red card for people to hold up.

If you are someone who is going into the ground and has another form of protest planned for this occasion, you could participate in this action in tandem with other things you have organised.

If you are someone who is going to the match to support the team and who prefers not to vocally distract the players with protests, these red cards can be raised silently and with dignity as a sign for onlookers rather than the men on the pitch.

 The last attempt to stage this action achieved participation from pockets of fans and was acknowledged in the press. This time, I hope you will agree that it is so important that we get our misery as fans noticed on a much wider scale.

If you think that the Rao family has harmed and is still harming BRFC; if you think that we need owners who show that they care for our club; if you think that something has to change at BRFC, then please raise a red card to Venky’s on the 18th and 75th minute of the game on Sunday, 19thFebruary.

This action has been initiated by the ‘Ewood Working Men’s Club meetings’ group of fans who are not directly affiliated to any official organisation. However, we would be delighted with and grateful for these groups’ support with the red card 18/75 plan.


Blackburn Rovers vs Blackpool – #OperationEmptyEwood

Saturday 28th January will see Blackburn Rovers host Blackpool FC in the fourth round of the FA Cup. Under normal circumstances, the game would be a mouth-watering prospect for two of England ’s most historic clubs. The fixture will see these two local teams battling for a place in the fifth round of the oldest cup competition in the world. The romance of the FA Cup should see a bumper crowd cheering, whilst dreaming of being on the road to Wembley.

However, both clubs have been reduced to a shell of their recent and historic glorious past. Under the disastrous ownership of the Rao (Venky’s) and Oyston families, both clubs have suffered not only a humiliating fall from grace but have become totally disengaged from large sections of what should be the very lifeblood of any football club: their supporters.

Both sets of supporters have seen long-running protests against their respective owners. Both sets of supporters have met a wall of silence from their incompetent owners and the footballing authorities.

The Football Association, who deemed both the Rao (Venky’s) and Oyston families as “Fit and Proper” owners, seem happy to sit back and watch the coordinated dismantling of both football clubs.

As a result of the actions of these families and the lack of action from The FA, this game will see rival football fans stand shoulder to shoulder: fans united in an unprecedented protest at the wanton destruction of their clubs.

Supporters of both Blackburn Rovers and Blackpool are encouraged to boycott this fixture and stand together in protest outside Ewood Park whilst the game is played inside.

With both sets of owners and the FA standing to gain financially from this fixture, the message from boycotting fans will be loud and clear: “Enough is enough, we have asked YOU, The Football Association for help, yet YOU continue to do ‘sweet FA’”.

The Tangerine Knights (Blackpool fans’ organisation) believe:

“With 90% of the Blackpool fans adopting the NAPM (Not a penny more) stance at Bloomfield Road, it has come to symbolise our fight against owners who have sued fellow fans and have shipped millions of pounds from Blackpool Football Club into family businesses through a variety of interest free loans. Whilst the current owners of football clubs seem to care only about the monetary values involved in our national game, the ethos of it being a ‘working man’s sport’ has been lost and in time the clubs that have been the mainstay of communities could well be lost also. The way fans can fight back is by hitting the owners with the one thing they care most about in this world, money. By calling for a boycott of the Blackburn v Blackpool game, we hope that both sets of supporters can unite as #FansUnited and show that beyond the rivalry there is a camaraderie between supporters who have one common goal, to see their clubs run for the benefit of the local community with fan involvement and an end to football clubs being brought to their knees by owners who care only about what they can get out of it, not what they put into it. An empty Ewood would mean empty ticket office tills which would match the owners empty promises. Jock Stein once said that ‘Football is nothing without fans’, in the FA Cup 4th round at Ewood Park you will see that a ground without fans is not football.”

The Blackburn Rovers Action Group believe:

“We call on all supporters, including those currently boycotting Ewood Park to join us and stand in solidarity with the supporters of Blackpool against the destruction of 2 historic Lancashire football clubs.  Football supporters have been the lifeblood at clubs up and down the country for generations, ensuring that clubs continue to remain at the epicentre of its local community.  Supporters remain a constant, whist owners can pick it up and drop it as they see fit.   At Blackburn Rovers & Blackpool the two stories are different, however the supporter anguish and fear is identical.  Two football clubs destroyed by incompetent and disinterested owners, leaving supporters disengaged with the very thing they have devoted parts of the lives to.   Supporters of both these clubs, together with other clubs across the country have been in dialogue for some time regarding co-ordinated protest plans against the football authorities and their lack of will to ensure that supporters remain a part of football.  We ask supporters not only to consider boycotting the FA Cup fourth round fixture, but to attend Ewood Park and to remain outside in demonstration as the match kicks off, a heart-wrenching sacrifice, yet a powerful message to the powers that be that football supporters have had enough!”
The Blackpool Supporters Trust believe:

Blackpool Supporters’ Trust encourages all Blackburn and Blackpool supporters to not only boycott the 4th round FA Cup match but to demonstrate together outside Ewood Park on match day. A ‘more out than in’ protest against the unacceptable running of both clubs will send a powerful message to the football authorities that fans are being disenfranchised and changes in the governance of the game are long overdue.  Without the fans there would be no football. These are our clubs and we want them back.

What Is Your Agenda?

Blackburn Rovers Action Group Statement – What Is Your Agenda?

Following the Boxing Day defeat at Barnsley, the clubs fourth consecutive league defeat.  In a post-match interview manager Owen Coyle, chose to go down the same route as the previously failed Rovers manager Steve Kean by publicly questioning the travelling support stating “We know there’s a minority there that have their agenda and that’s up to them.”

After a torrid six years that has seen our beloved Rovers nosedive from a respected mid-table and well run Premier League club, into a shambolic circus bereft of leadership, direction and hope. A club that sits rooted in the relegation mire facing the drop into English footballs third tier for the first time in forty years. A club with a working boardroom of one UK based director, absent, neglectful and disinterested owners, mounting debt, a first team squad patched up with free transfers and loaned players, and a manager who has previously proved to be a failure and shows no signs of improving either tactically or motivationally.

Yes the supporters of Blackburn Rovers do have an agenda. This agenda is to have a well-run, transparent football club. One that sits proudly at the centre of the local community, one that we can feel connected with, part of and a club that operates by its motto of Arte Et Labore (By Skill and Hard Work).


The Blackburn Rovers Football Community Action Group on behalf of its members asks of the following people:

Anuradha Desai on behalf of Venky’s, once went on record saying “We will absolutely respect the Jack Walker legacy and will be actively supporting the organisation to ensure that Blackburn Rovers remain one of the best-run clubs within the Premier League.”

Yet, Six years of mismanagement and neglect show otherwise and the supporters would like to ask our absent owners, “What is your agenda?”


Owen Coyle continues with his Keanesque sound bites, stating that “We will not go down”, “We are working hard and close to turning the corner” and now questioning the supporter’s motives.  With a record of just five wins, five draws and a staggering thirteen defeats from twenty three league games. The supporters would like to ask the hapless Coyle, “What is your agenda?”


Mike Cheston (Finance Director) by his own admittance cannot make major decisions at Ewood and claimed that he had made recommendations for the replacement of Paul Lambert, only to find Owen Coyle parachuted into the managerial hot seat whilst he was on holiday, on his return Cheston then bizarrely claimed that “Coyle was the standout candidate” Given Chestons endorsement of Owen Coyle, he should now be held accountable for this failed appointment. A finance director overseeing mounting debts and the downsizing of staffing levels within both the club and playing squad. The supporters would like to ask Mr Cheston, “What is your agenda?”


Suhail Pasha.  Blackburn Rovers’ man of mystery.  The man who was recently appointed as a go between to improve communications between Ewood and Pune, a man who has links with SEM Kentaro and was involved with Venkys at the time of the ill-fated takeover.   Since his appointment Pasha has not made a single public appearance, interview or comment regarding his role. Blackburn Rovers have not yet publicly announced his appointment despite Mike Cheston confirming it at a recent supporters meeting.  Pasha has declined to meet with supporters and has overseen the ever decreasing communication between the club and supporters. The supporters would like to ask Suhail “What is your agenda?”


Gandhi Babu, listed as a Director of Blackburn Rovers, and rumoured to be of a financial background, given our financial position and lack of business plan, the supporters would like to ask Mr Babu, “What is your agenda?”


Robert Coar, a non-executive director and previous chairman of Blackburn Rovers. When asked about his role of the last six years at Ewood, he chose to respond with a threat of “I’ll see you in court” to a supporter. The supporters would like to ask Bob, “What is your agenda?”


The supporters agenda is transparent, you all know that agenda, what nobody knows is what is the agenda of those involved at Blackburn Rovers, over to you!


I Am Boycotting


General Supporters Meeting Minutes

General Blackburn Rovers Supporters Meeting Held at Ewood WMC – 5Th October 2016

A meeting was called for supporters, who would like to take part in the organising of initiatives to keep the daily momentum going on multiple fronts, regarding the ownership of Blackburn Rovers. The meeting was an informal meeting and was chaired by Steve Mack, a supporter and season ticket holder for over 50 years.


1. Steve Mack opened the meeting, and made an open call for those present to get off their chest any thoughts or issues they may have with one another. He explained this meeting was about all supporters regardless of previous issues, to find a way to move forward and work together.


2. The “1875” Protest was discussed, as was the releasing of two press releases to the press. Representatives from the Ewood Blues, BRFCAG and Rovers Trust, were a little disappointed that a press release had been released 24 hours before they was due to release one themselves. This highlighted the need for better communication between all individuals/Groups to prevent, duplication or resources being wasted.


3. A marketing Video is to be produced for the “1875” Protest, which Alan Birdbeck kindly agreed to take part in and this will be filmed in time for the Wolverhampton Wanderers fixture and will be released VIA a YouTube channel and will be presented to the press, with a press release in the days leading up to the fixture.


4. Matt McDonough has been working on an “I am Boycotting Video”. The aim of this video, is to show the number of empty seats for the forthcoming Wolverhampton Wanderers fixture, which is scheduled to be shown by SKY TV. This idea has been marketed for a couple of weeks. Matt is asking any supporter who is boycotting games due to the Venky’s ownership to send a quick video to: , at present he has received quite a few videos, but needs at least another 20. Everyone was urged to share this through any means possible to get this video completed. This video will also be released via the YouTube channel and press release will be circulated to the media, upon its release.


5. A wall close to the ground has been donated, for a mural to be painted. Glen Mullan has held discussions with an artist, who has gone away to put some idea’s together. Idea’s from all supporters are also welcome, to deliver a message regarding the ownership of Blackburn Rovers. Glen stated, he is awaiting a price from the artist, but the wall would take around two days to paint. Glen also stated the artist was confident if the funds are in place, that he could have the wall painted, prior to the Wolverhampton Wanderers match. Alan Birdbeck was to liaise with the owner of the wall, to keep them in the picture. The price quoted including the design is £1,120.00 with the design fee of £150.00 paid up front.


6. Paul Keogh of the BRFCAG disclosed the content of the 10,000 Leaflets which they have had printed to aid the organised protest for the next three home fixtures, which includes whistles and of course the “1875” Protest. Getting the leaflets distributed on the day of the Ipswich game was discussed and a list of volunteers from the room was produced to meet up on the day of the game to hand these out to the supporters attending that fixture. Other people interested in handing these leaflets out can contact Paul at :


7. Glen Mullan’s blog was discussed and its content. It was unanimously agreed that although the blog details some very important information, it’s not reaching out to the whole supporter base that don’t use the internet or social media. A few idea’s from fanzines, CD’s, and email shots where discussed, but no formal plan has yet been agreed, as this will come down to what is cost effective. The blogs would also require proof reading and re-writing in parts, so they are easier to read.


8. WAR was discussed and the previous open supporters meeting. The general consensus within the room is things had gone very quiet and pressure had eased since the meeting. Paul Keogh (BRFCAG) and Mark Ashworth (Rovers Trust) said things were happening in the background through all entities and WAR was just an umbrella name. They stated every group is still doing what it’s always done, and they share information at every opportunity. Of the people in the room, it was made clear this meeting was not a breakaway group, but a group of supporters who want to pull all resources together to aid any initiative. It was felt, a banner to work under was not needed, and groups can continue to be groups, and non group supporters can continue to be non group supporters, however the need for everyone to be on the same page, respect one another’s views, including those who wish not to partake in any protest must be paramount for things to move forward.


9. Some supporters in the 16-21 bracket attended the meeting and felt proposed protest were far too luke warm, for people their age. They said they and many of the people they attend games with, wanted more direct action which would cause far more disruption and create more of frenzy, than protest which are easily contained by the club. Other supporters from other generations shared this view, stating organised protests are predictable and we needed to think more outside of the box. Other teams who have protested in recent years, where offered as examples of things which have been done, which has created far more headlines. It was reiterated the importance of what the target of these protest where. It was important that any protest hit the bull’s-eye and was not used as a statistic, as previously done during the Kean Era, with the famous “1% Line”, which was brought out after previous protest struggled to get 1000 participants.


10. Credible alternatives were discussed, although the general consensus was a large section of supporters would like Venkys to sell the club, it was also recognised without a credible back up plan/replacement, which all supporters can get behind, including the non-protesting section, it could create more damage if they pull the plug and the back-up is not in place. They will be discussed in the further meetings to be arranged.


11. Targeting Venky’s in India through their other industries, was discussed at length. Hitting them in the pocket through non football related industries, was a market which to date has not been attempted. With quite a lot of Indian press now on side, it was felt that visual protest in India could be achieved, through good networking.


12. The BRFC Action Group announced a fighting fund, hours before the meeting. The need for funds were discussed, but will need to be re-addressed at a further meeting to prevent duplication of fighting funds appearing everywhere.


13. Communication was used as a key ingredient throughout the evening, it was important that everyone who wanted to help should not be excluded from doing so. It was also important that supporters refrained from creating animosity between each other, if they did not agree with something as it was not helping the greater cause.


14. Everyone was of the opinion that the cause could not be allowed to go cold and all resources are good resources if you utilise them.


15. The need to reach out to the wider audience was high on the agenda, as there was still a large element in the supporter base, confused what people are actually protesting about? People like routine and don’t like that routine being upset, Its vital no one feels excluded, or obliged to take part in any action which may occur. Market research is vital, as is not learning from past experiences to take a balanced approach.


16. It was suggested that teams needed to be made up to deal with individual things, instead of one group of people trying to organise protest, meetings, investigations, articles etc. The focus in this meeting was trying to make the up-coming protest work, however the bigger picture needs a lot more co-ordination and for information and knowledge to be readily shared, with the supporter base being updated on a regular basis.


The meeting was closed, and a follow up meeting is planned with a date TBC

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