BRFC Action Group Statement 22/2/17

BRFC Action Group Statement


Based on results this season and the clubs current position in the Championship table the Blackburn Rovers Football Community Action Group cautiously welcomes the decision to replace first team manager Owen Coyle.


Whilst the timing of this decision has surprised many just days after the teams committed performance against Manchester United, and just days before what it is potentially the biggest fixture in the clubs recent history away at Burton Albion, the facts are that with 15 games remaining, Rovers sit 23rd in the table and face a very real prospect of relegation into the third tier of English Football and we therefore believe that the parting of ways now gives Blackburn Rovers the best possible chance to retain its championship status.


A large majority of Rovers supporters felt that Owen Coyle was the wrong appointment at the time and this has proven to be the case, however Coyle was only a symptom of a much larger problem at Ewood Park.  Several managers before him have failed under the circumstances imposed upon them at Blackburn Rovers.  With a boardroom that is lacking in experience and seemingly limited to mundane decision making and with the clubs owners continuing to run this football club with such disdain then any manager will be handicapped from the outset.


Owen Coyle was endorsed by club director Mike Cheston and he leaves the club with a mere 7 wins and a staggering 16 defeats in his 31 league matches.  Upon appointing Owen Coyle, Cheston stated “We are delighted to welcome Owen to the club. We took our time and conducted a thorough search and Owen was the standout candidate, He meets all of the criteria we were looking for and we firmly believe he is the right man to take this club forward”.


Mike Cheston, an accountant by trade has found himself heading a board of directors at a Football Club due to the owners’ decision not to replace the many people who have fallen before him.  The BRFC Action Group believe that he is currently occupying a position that is above his level of ability and experience and that following the abject failure of Owen Coyle and his team he should be held fully accountable.  Mr Cheston personally endorsed this appointment and he should now leave the club along with his manager.


Since the appointment of Paul Senior as Director of Football there have been reports of boardroom squabbles and indications of the power struggles that have been seen previously during the Venkys painful reign as owners of Blackburn Rovers.   The full extent of Mr Senior’s role at the club is yet to be revealed, however his involvement in the clubs transfer policy was made very clear during the recent January transfer window.  In addition Mr Senior appears to have taken on the role of communications in recent weeks and during his short time at the club has made some comments in the media that have left supporters scratching their heads in disbelief.  Paul Senior declined an invitation to meet with the Blackburn Rovers Football Community Action Group recently, becoming the first club director to ever do so.


Suhail Pasha played a pivotal role in the appointments of Paul Lambert and Owen Coyle, however it is still a mystery what position he holds within Blackburn Rovers.  Shortly after Mr Pasha resumed his involvement at the club, a job vacancy was widely advertised which gave the criteria similar to what it appeared Suhail was already fulfilling.  Despite Mike Cheston confirming at a supporters meeting that Mr Pasha was indeed the successful candidate for this ‘vacancy’ six months ago, no official announcement has ever been made to clarify if Suhail Pasha was successful in his desire to become employed by the club.  However Suhail has been a regular at recent home matches and regularly takes his seat alongside his new friend Paul Senior.


Each of the directors at Blackburn Rovers, both past and present under the current ownership structure have stated that all major decisions are taken by Anuradha Desai, chairperson of the clubs majority shareholder Venkys.  Mrs Desai has watched Blackburn Rovers play at Ewood Park twice since becoming owner of the club in 2010.  The owners continue to ignore the concerns of supporters and refuse to open dialogue with local community leaders.  The Rao Family began their ownership of the club with a promise to “Absolutely respect the Jack Walker legacy”, yet the reality is that they have brought the football club to its knees, fractured a supporter base and left a community in mourning.


The Blackburn Rovers Football Community Action Group once again repeats its call for the Rao Family and their advisors to relinquish control of the club and bring an end to the damage they continue to cause.


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  1. Very well said.

  2. Venkys Out
    Anderson Out
    Pasha Out
    Senior Out
    Southworth Out
    Cheston Out
    Coar Out
    All corrupt

  3. Why relinquish control of a club you paid good money for lol, they own it and that means that they can do what they want with it sorry to say. Incredibly poor decisions have been made yes but no club has the given right to success. Just support your club through the bad times, good times will always come again

  4. If Venkys pull out how do we manage the Debts…So we can Keep The Club Afloat…????

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