BRFC Action Group Statement 10/5/17

The final day of the 2016/2017 season ended, as predicted by many supporters with Blackburn Rovers relegated to the third tier of English football for the first time in nearly forty years. This being the second relegation the club has suffered under the sickening ownership of absent owners Venkys.
Head coach Tony Mowbray inherited a team that appeared low in confidence, belief, fitness and tactical awareness. Given just fifteen games to pull off a great escape, the gap proved just too big with Rovers being relegated on goal difference despite losing just three of those fifteen matches and picking up eleven points from the last five fixtures. If the season started the day Tony Mowbray took charge and ended on Sunday, Rovers would have been a top ten team.

Fans are left asking could this have been avoided if Owen Coyle had been dismissed when it became clear that his appointment was an abject failure?  One of English footballs most famous names the late Brian Clough once said “If a chairman sacks the manager he initially appointed, he should go as well”. Coyle was personally endorsed and hailed as “The outstanding candidate” by club director Mike Cheston.  Mike then went on to defend his outstanding candidate, ignoring supporter concerns and his decision to take that stance has had catastrophic consequences on Blackburn Rovers.  Today we once again call for Mike Cheston to do the right thing and walk away from his position at the club.

Within twenty four hours of relegation we have seen the departure of Paul Senior, Director of football and operations and yet another unnamed generic message from the owners. Employees are uncertain of their futures, local businesses are suffering and Ewood Park once again has an operating boardroom that consists of just Mike Cheston who has previously proved to be incompetent in addressing both the finances and recruitment of Blackburn Rovers.


The BRFC Action Group has actively campaigned against the Venkys regime since its inception in 2012.  Supporters and community groups have called for the clubs owners to communicate and begin to support their ‘baby’ and these calls have remained unheeded.
Since that ill-fated day in November 2010 when Venkateshwara Hatcheries purchased Blackburn Rovers, this famous football club has been in a decline which the owners seem both unable and uninterested in halting.  The statement released by the owners on Monday was an insult to the supporters of Blackburn Rovers, who are in agreement by a vast majority that these people are not fit and proper to run their football club.  The club currently has two UK based directors who see fit to either accuse boycotting supporters of “harming the club”, or believe that threatening supporters with legal action is acceptable.  These actions by the Directors of Blackburn Rovers, together with the negligence of the owners, Anuradha Desai, Balaji Rao and Venkatesh Rao have destroyed the very fabric of this football club.  The supporters of Blackburn Rovers are issuing a vote of no confidence in the board of directors and the owners of their club and the only acceptable outcome for the supporters is for Venkateshwara Hatcheries to sell the club with immediate effect
The continued terminal decline of Blackburn Rovers continues, watched on by Venkys and their partners, The Football League and Football Association appear to be completely oblivious to the fact that Blackburn Rovers and other clubs up and down the country are being systematically dismantled by owners and their associates, who appear to have no understanding of football or the importance of such clubs to the local communities they sit at the centre of.  Modern football has become a multi billion pound business and those charged with regulating the game are clearly outdated, self fulfilling and not fit and proper themselves.  The BRFC Action Group is in daily contact with fellow supporter groups across the length and breadth of the country discussing plans to target the games governing bodies as we call once again for the government to reform the way our national game is managed.

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  1. Dennis Thompson

    May 10, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    We will never rise again and till they the venkys have put our once proud club up for sale . Why don’t they sell it to somebody with the knowledge of how to run a football club and get the fans back supporting our beloved club and back where we should be ?

  2. Wayne lonsdale

    May 10, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    Who would buy a football that is 106 million in debt and the FA won’t do anything as they were partners with kentaro before they went out of buisness so there not going to bring it up so I think you are stuck with the venkys I am sorry to say

  3. I myself along with a number of my friends have refused to go, last game I saw was against Norwich in the prem when they beat us 2 nill, well I think it was as it was that long ago, soon as the venkys have gone I’ll be back no matter what league we will be in, it is a disgrace, ide love to take my sons to see my team but I just can’t justify spending money on tickets, food n drink for it to be going in the venkys pockets, it’s about time the FA stepped in and do something, it’s hard not going and taking my boys as I was taken in my youth, people just need to completely stop going to force the idiots out, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later so we can all help rebuild our beloved club. Good luck to those fighting the cause.

  4. We have to pull together as supporters and save our club. I suspect nothing the fans do or don’t do will make a difference. It’s personal choice as to whether you support by attending. However I will attend to support the shirt, the backroom staff, the shop staff and all those who’s livelihood depends on it. Big attendances will continue to draw attention more than the boycotts. And we must demonstrate before, at half time and st full time as much as possible in our aim. The aim and message for all fans of our beloved Rovers should be Venkys Out’

  5. Fair shout Steve D, I just can’t do it myself however I’ll be glad to join any protest before and after.

    • Margaret Willcock

      May 11, 2017 at 7:32 am

      Well said, someone with the right idea. Show the country that this is your town, your team and that they have your full support, because the owners obviously don’t care but the fans do. Go for it 😊

  6. Once again no mention of an investigation into the Walker trustees and the influence of the Walker family over them. Already commented on that ridiculous top 10 comment on twitter.

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