1875 Protest Press Release

Blackburn Rovers Fans Release Details of 1875 Protest

On the pitch the team looks like it heading down to league one, they look broken and defeated.  In the board room we are continually shambolic and we are owned by a family for whom chaos and failure have become by words.


These are darks days for the club but it also presents the supporters with an opportunity to bust through the foreboding cloud and show the Championship and the wider football family, that the supporters of this once proud club are now prepared to unite and stand together in a bid to oust Venky’s as owners of the club.

The 1875 protest will take place during the Wolves game on 29th October 2016 (5.30pm kick off).  The idea of the protest is simple, the club was formed in 1875, therefore fans are asked not to take their seats until the 18th minute and to leave their seats on the 75th minute regardless of what the score is.  From the 18th minute to the 75th minute we urge fans to get behind team as they normally would.

A spokesman for the protest said:

“1875 witnessed the birth of one of England’s oldest clubs, which for 141 years has gone on to be England’s Most successful town team. 2010 witnessed the arrival of the Rao Family. Who promised to respect and build on the club’s famous heritage.

Six years later through complete negligence and incompetence they have almost destroyed. The televised home fixture against Wolves gives the fans the opportunity to let their feeling be known to the wider football family. The “1875” protest, which will see supporters only take their seats in the 18th minute, and leave them again in the 75th minute, to deliver the message, that supporters of Blackburn Rovers are united and want Venkys to sell the club”

Fans are urged to unite and stand together for this protest to deliver a strong message to both the Venkys and the footballing authorities.


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  1. The protesters in their ‘ bubble’s may believe fans will go for this, but I don’t, and the thing will look half-baked. The idea of walking out for the last 15 minutes when the game could be won or lost is a bad one, to put it mildly. Venkys are going nowhere, but we definitely need three three points and need to back the team in those vital stages.

    • Grey Rover ….look at the bigger picture please.

      I for one am not prepared to sit back and do nothing and then say “If only we had taken a stand in 2016”
      Recognise one thing ….OUR Club, as it is run at the moment, is dying.

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