They’ve RUINED our club!

We want OUR Rovers back!

Time to go Venkys! #VenkysOut

Venkys Out, enough is enough

Click through this site to discover the shocking story of how Blackburn Rovers have gone from one of the best run football clubs in the UK to a club in complete turmoil in just 6 years, all thanks to venkys. Once you have read about all that we have been through, you will completely understand why Blackburn Rovers fans want Venkys out of our club.

BRFC has been accumulating a huge figure of debt in each of the past six years, all thanks to Venkys. The exit door for non-playing staff has been and is still ever-revolving and a lack of investment in the playing staff is more than evident. This once great Premier League club and 142 year-old founder of the Football League is now in a dreadful state with its future looking bleak. During their time in charge, Venkys have left destruction, dismay and disgust in their wake. Many Blackburn Rovers fans now feel bereft of anything to feel proud about.

One time Premier League Champions reduced to a team lingering in league one. 

As fans we can accept being defeated on the pitch, losing when overturned by real quality. What our fans cannot take is our club as a whole being destroyed, through no fault of our own.

If you are on Twitter, please keep spreading the word. Simply add #VenkysOut to your tweets and help fight to get Venky’s out of Blackburn Rovers.

Please take time to peruse this website that contains a wealth of information about and reactions to Venky’s tenure as owners of BRFC, including details re:

* Rumours of alleged corruption and agent involvement

* Money the Raos have received (allegedly £74 M in player transfers + £50M parachute payments)

* Money the Raos have spent on players (allegedly just £27 Million)

* Club Debt (On takeover: £23M, Now: -£123M, in form of increased shareholding)

* Managers (now on 8th manager in just over 7 years)

* Non-playing staff (Revolving door of board members: 16 in the Rao’s tenure)

The owner of this website offers this website as a resource. It is a combination of fact, opinions and allegations. Please do your own research and come to your own conclusion. The owner of this website takes no responsibility for its external content. All facts are labelled as fact.




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